This is the

B. L. U. F.

pt. II

bottom line up front



In heaven God is surrounded by heavenly bodies (angels) ** Those bodies have different duties ** But what they all have in common
They all offer worship unto God ** Lucifer was the leader of the heavenly worship unto God
The bible says he was the most beautiful & most perfect (Ezekiel 28) ** Satan became full of himself and said he will take the place of God (Isaiah 14)
The Devil wanted to be worshiped ** he tempted/convinced other angels to help him take the thrown of God
A war took place in heaven ** Satan Loss ** He and all of the angels that helped him were cast out of heaven
An angel said woe unto the inhabitants of the earth for Satan comes full of wrath & vengeance
The Bible says The Devil comes to Kill, Still, and Destroy ** he is described as the father of lies
On earth Adam was dwelling and communing with God ** The angels new that God had placed man at a position of high esteem (Hebrew 2)
No longer able to influence the heavenly bodies the Devil turns his wrath on the next best thing - man
Lucifer can not make us do things, he tempts us through our senses, by what we hear, smell, taste, feel, see, but mainly through thoughts
Satan puts thoughts in our mind and we feed & develop those thoughts into actions ** So Satan tempted Eve
Resulting in Adam and Eve getting cast out of the garden of Eden ** Adam & Eve's decedents populated the earth
Satan tempted the population to be so evil that GOD destroyed them all, save Noah and his family ** Noah had three sons Shem, Ham, & Japheth
Ham begot Cush, Cush begot Nimrod ** the bible says Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord (Genesis 10) {HUNTER of WHAT? HUNTER of SOULS}
The beginning of  Nimrod's kingdom was Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh in the land of SHINAR (Babylon)
As a servant of the Enemy/Satan Nimrod developed a religion that was not of the 1 and only God, but mimicked it      
Nimrod's religion had a trinity, himself - his wife - his son. Like father - son - and holy spirit
Nimrod required the people to worship him as a god on earth
The religion established in the land of SHINAR would grow and evolve as the people migrated and populated the land
The religion became the foundation or genesis for many future religions in particularly the Egyptian Empire & Babylonian Empire
As these Empires where concurred, the concurring Empires would assimilate some of the aspects or characteristics of the Nimrodic religion into their own society
This ensured that the most powerful country (having the most influence over the greater amount of people) would spread the religion either overtly or hidden or ignorantly
Persians concurred Babylon * Greeks concurred Persians * Romans concurred the Greeks * Romans established and influenced much of Europe
Over the ensuing millenniums European Kingdoms would spread their influence across the globe


  WEALTH - begets  
  POWER - begets  
  CONTROL - begets  
  WORSHIP - worship is the purpose  
for further explanation see B. L. U. F. pt. III