This is the

B. L. U. F.

bottom line up front


The U.S. debt is about $10,000,000,000,000.00 trillion (MAR 2009)
The debt controls the ability for: the military to defend the country
  law enforcement to protect and serve
  the medical system to provide care
  government to represent the people
  And for all intended purposes the debt practically affects every aspect of our daily lives


  So why don't WE THE PEOPLE just wipe the debt clean and start anew?
  Because we don't owe the debt to our selves, we owe it to others
  So who are these OTHERS that the most wealthiest/powerful country turns to, to borrow money?
  Ok, so why don't we just have OUR Federal Reserve Bank wipe the debt clean
  Because it is not our Federal Reserve Bank, it is a PRIVATELY OWNED bank and those owners are not U.S. citizens
  So why don't we tell those foreigners that we (the most powerful country) are just not going to pay
  Because it would be equivalent to a cocaine addict telling his only supplier that he is no longer buying. Now he might last a day or two but he
  will soon be back in a far worst state than when he left & willing to do anything to cement the relationship.
  So we're in debt to someone, what American isn't, what is the big deal?
  Our debt is so great, that we are only able to pay part of the interest from taxes collected annually
  So I ask this question; Who is in control, the LENDER or the BORROWER?
  Ok, so why do these OTHERS keep lending us money when we can't pay it back



  WEALTH - begets  
  POWER - begets  
  CONTROL - begets  
worship is the purpose
for better explanation of the purpose, see B. L. U. F. pt. II


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