Jeffrey Steinberg (Counterintelligence Editor Executive Intelligence Review)


Washington, D.C. & South Central area of Los Angeles are inner cities areas that have been flooded with crack cocaine.  Yet, there are no coca fields in Washington, D.C.  You can't drive to the country side of L.A. and run into hundreds of acres on which coca is under cultivation.


These drugs are grown in other parts of the world. They require enormous amounts of chemicals to process them into the drugs that hit the streets of the United States.  The funds can not conceivably be handled through physical couriers: They require direct access at the highest levels to the international financial system.  In effect, we're looking at one of the largest, commercial venture in the world.


NOTE: in the early 80ís the CIA (in an effort to raise funding for their covert missions in Central America & the Middle East) began safeguarding the flow of cocaine into L.A. from Central and South America, coincidently scientist at the University of Berkley in CA were perfecting the process of converting cocaine into 8 balls/rocks (as it is called on the streets) better known to us as CRACK. the gangs of L.A. utilizing this new smaller cheaper, yet more potent CRACK & the increased influx of protected cocaine to the L.A. area set on a coarse that would soon have a disastrous affect on millions of Americans

(the CIA later admitted that the beast became to much for them to control)


Some of this money goes to financing an expanding infrastructure of a criminal subculture, as the result of policies of institutions like the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which is creating the opportunities for criminal underworld to become, in effect, the primary engine of economic life.


The money that's left over after the actual costs of the infrastructure, of manpower and producing and distribution of these illegal commodities is one of the major sources of money going into the Financial Institutions


So, in effect, we've got a criminalization of not only the world economy, but the entirety of the World Banking System.  The major financial institutions in the world today are more dependent on drug money, than the most severe crack cocaine addict is to the physical drugs.